Studies & Researches


I want to know God's thoughts...the rest are details.
Albert Einstein

Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics.
Siméon Denis Poisson

Er tut das Notwendige, das Not wendet.
Lao Tze


Why do I plan to return to Universities or institutes for scientific researches?

The main reason of this fundamental change of my life and career is my firm belief that only the acquaintance with science and studies of the Nature can give me some sort of satisfaction and happiness. In my childhood, I have always been thinking about becoming a top scientist and this is still my unrealized dream. I am thirsty to learn everything about the Nature and her principles. All branches of sciences are attracting me – mathematics, physics, chemistry…. When dived into the realm of science, I forget the rest of the world.

Secondly, I’ve found the industry, commerce and politics all full of crimes, evils, lies, corruption and injustice (in fact they are synonyms) , and I hate all these, therefore, after so many years there, I want to keep myself distant away from them and concentrate myself on pure scientific researches.

Thirdly, my personality is very fit for scientific researches. Although working in the industry and business over the last two decades, I am still maintaining my habit to learn new sciences every day without interruption. My reading and study capability is unique. Each day I might read more than 100 pages of books of various kinds. I am able to read papers in English, German and French and I am still improving my Russian.

And lastly, I should have been among the top scientists if I have accepted the Ph.D studies I won from several European and N. American universities such as University of Glasgow (gas turbine combustion), University of Paris (surface chemistry), Laval University, and universities of Germany and other countries during 1991-1992 shortly after graduation as a master of science. I was unable to attend these universities because of private reasons Further in 1996, I was nearly admitted by Harvard to pursue a MPA when my former boss told me that the job at Alstom was worth more than a Harvard MPA, a wrong judgment of course.

For short, only a scientific career can fulfill my dream of lifetime endeavors.  


Childhood Dreams


As a child, I dreamed to become Einstein No 2. And still this is my lifetime goal. In any case I shall keep myself competitive technically and scientifically in one way or another. Unfortunately I didn’t continue with my Ph.D. studies at one o2017-02-17. My then girlfriend was a Taiwanese and her English or German or French was NULL, therefore I gave up my doctoral study plan and instead got a job in Taiwan (Bechtel’s joint venture with the Ministry of Science in Taiwan). I also didn’t go to work in Taiwan due to dramatical change later on.

Nevertheless, I have been able to pursue a master study of thermophysics at one of the best universities in China, have learned four or five foreign languages, paving the way for to acquire information of the outside world without any difficulty and obstacle from any organizations. I have also learned almost all software and Internet technologies, enabling me design websites and related functions, so that I may promote my business without a third hand. Of course I’ve also learned a lot of other stuff, some are still useful, the majority is sleeping forever.


A Trial Period (2006-2016)


Since 2006, after the death of my father, people have persuaded me to do something to contribute to the society and not to waste my talents. Over this time period, I have tried many areas of researches and studies, which can be divided into: math, thermodynamics, fluiddynamics, solar physics, cryptography and Internet security. Over that period of time (2006-2013), I have read tens of thousands of pages of all kinds of papers and books, and drafted a number of books and papers as well (the total number is never calculated but is easily over 200). On this website I have just shown those survived, because whe I decided to focus only on math for chip technology - which is now and will be forever my research direction - I have removed all those I have read before and as a result, only a few were able to be kep alive since they were backed up in my computer at earlier time.

And in the future, I will more or less concentrate on mathematics, particularly those related to information technology - and now mathematics for chip technology.

(The above statement and plan was given up since the death of my mother in March 2016. And now only graph theory and a little math studies remain to be among my study menu, all others are given up. No books and papers will be written, nor will be any published or otherwise publicized. Another reasons is the refusal of the academic communities of my willingness ot do my researches there.)

Previous Studies and Researches

Over the last years I’ve completed my master degree at one of the best universities in China, acquired 7 or 8 foreign languages, acquired wide spectrum of knowledge in power, energy, IT and Internet, aviation and other industries. My knowledge base is now mainly on three pillars – math, IT and languages.

However, over the past years I've been intensively engaged in studies and researches in different fields, centered around thermal science, solar technology and Internet technologies.

Here below are a little more details of areas of my past studies:

  1. Mathematics – Combinatorics, numer theory, numerical computation, functional analysis ...
  2. Fluiddynamics - Micro/Nano Flows, CFD?- computational fluid dynamics
  3. Thermal Physics & Thermodynamics - Nanothermodynamics, Thermodynamics Of Cancers, Mesoscopic Thermodynamics (Thermodynamics Of Small Structures), Thermodynamics & Thermophysics Of Life, Cosmic Thermodynamics Or Thermodynamics Of The Universe, Solar Thermodynamics & Thermophysics, Thermodynamics And Thermophysics In Solar Radiation And Measurement, Thermodynamics Of Solar Energy Systems, Solar Technology, Industry And Applications
  4. Solar Physics, Solar Radiation, Solar Aviation And Aerospace, Solar Photovoltaics

And in the future, I will more or less concentrate on graph theory andperhaps some interesting IT technologies for my own use and fun only.


Below is some documentation about my studies over the last years:


My Writing


My writing is of gigantic nature. Thousands of study notes were prepared during the last 10 years alone, and more than 200 notes were written which are publishable if I will. Here is a list of my writing as well as a descrption of how I am writing my books and papers.

The pdf file - WhatsWrittenSince2003.pdf looks better.

And here is the document lists (document_list.pdf) based on which I have drafted the above study notes.


Research Methods


There are people who have worked on how to make scientific discoveries and have written tons of books and papers and invented millions of methods to improve to scientific finding capacity.

However, scientific finding is basically a luxurious job: when you have enough time and money, you can make new things to become reality, and if you're poor and too busy, you have no chance at all, regardless if you have learned all these methods or not. I know combinatorial techniques are the most effective ones.



Occasionally I would write down what I have in my mind about new ideas of a certain scientific topic. But I have no time to tackle them yet. See Problems.doc and Problems1.doc




As a result of my previous researches and studies, I have compiled a number of lists of worldwide scientists, in China and elsewhere, ancient and contemporary, in the fields of my interests. I have read some books and papers from some of them, I have also contacted some of them for research position by them. None was willing to accept me though.



The Greatest Works


These are the greatest scientific and humanity works ever written in the history of humans. I have planned to read some of the most important but somehow I could not realize my plan because of my daily burden.



Funding my Researches

There was days when I fancied that someone would provide some capital for my scientific activities either researches or writing. But none have showed enough willingness.


Then suddenly, on Sept 13, 2014, a certain Mr Kenneth Whang, Program Director, Division of Information and Intelligent Systems, National Science Foundation sent me an email for the call of proposals for the Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience program. I was wondering how did he know that I am working on this subject and how did he get my email address. I can remember that I ever have left my email address to NSF site. And how did he get my email address is still a secret. Nevertheless, I did have some kind of studies of computation, but in fluiddynamics and thermodynamics but not neuroscience. I did have some population with the US government, when I was quoted as a solar expert by US National Renewable Energy Labs under the Ministry of Energy during 2005-2007.

But his email aroused my extinguished interest in NSF, and I decided to seek a funding from there. Therefore I have registered at NSF and prepared and submitted my application for funding package today (2014-09-17) . It took me 3 days to do so. My version of Chinese PDF reader has some defect so that the first submittals were failed and I have to switch to English version and change a bit of the contents, and finally the submission was done OK. Now I have to wait for the review results.


Complete Documentation

This file Studies.htm gives you a global picture of my studies and researches or consult the complete currently valid directory listing (updated a couple of days ago as of the date when this essay was written) for an overall view.
For some additional information about my academic activities you may also consult this document.