Mother died on March 11, 2016 at the age of 81. I will write a biography of her and I will remember her forever. Click to learn more


This is the story of a person who has studied, worked, lived and striven very hard and “hard” over the past years for freedom, academic achievement, career success and happy life. There is a long long story about my efforts to realize my plan. Although this story is quite lengthy, it still can only disclose a small piece of my past, it does no way depict the entire history, and without it nobody can understand what I really am and what my real ambition and goal are.

I have been one of the busiest guys in the world over the last years, chasing after my 8 languages (Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, German, Russian, Esperanto and English of course), taking care of my parents – the greatest father and mother in the human history ever since human was evolved from monkeys millions of years ago in Africa, researching and studying science to advance myself onto top 50 best scholars of the world, exploring various types of businesses to earn a little money for the survival in the world and finally running all over the mountains to become one of the healthiest guys in the world. The story has not yet ended and more are to come in this site…

Here I have listed and/or uploaded some of the selected documents or indices of documents, reports, data, information, services and literature related to these businesses and researches. They are incomplete, and just show the efforts I have made in doing my businesses and researches. If you’re interested in some of these issues, you may get in touch with me in order to get the necessary information and data.

I’ve tried to compile a complete story of mine for the last decade, and several hundreds of pages were drafted years ago, but I could find no time to continue. A personal story with China’s development track records over the last three decades will certainly amount to thousands of pages, not merely an autobio or a resume writing. I will only begin to seriously consider the writing when I have secured my income and research position.


But the above plan has been altered by a catastrophic incident:

My mother's sudden, unexpected death has turned me from the happiest son to the most miserable, and my life is completely ruined as a result. It is now completely changed. I have cancelled all my research plans for new generations of computer chips as well as the related graph theory studies; I have given up my multilingual capacity, a token of mine over the last three decades and conent myself only with my English proficiency.
However, life has to continue, and somehow I shall still endeavor to make me survive in this world with some expertise of mine, incl. my language skills, my IT techniques and so on.
But my biggest plan is to honor my mother of her post mortal life, by writing a biography of hers and by various memorial ceremonies for the years and even the generations to come. My mother is to me the greatest mother of human history and she is worth the honoring and worshiping not just from us children but the whole human kind.



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