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Life is short, but life is long as well as complicated. If one lives a hundred year, it's really a long period of time, and if one could plan well and execute one's plan persistently, one can really achieve something makes this world a bit better.
In everybody's life, one needs to deal with uncountable issues and encounter numerous problems and difficulties. One has to handle relations with his/her mother/father, grandfather/mother, sisters and brothers, sons and dauthers, grandsons/daughters, and a lot more people of one's relatives; one has to face his/her teachers, classmates; one has to please his/her bosses and colleagues; one needs his/her clients, suppliers' loyalty; one has to listen to his'her doctor's advice.


No every body is nice, you need to pay special attentions to some of the wicked guys or group of people or even organized groups. You need protect yourself and take defensive or even offensive actions to those who may harm you.

In some countries, people have to be careful of their despotic governments, which surpress and kill people at will; in other countries, one has to be careful not to choose the wrong leaders. One also needs to live peacefull with one neighborsand even bassingbys;


Sometimes you find you need to leave a village, a town, a city or even a country to look for better opportunities, or you're forced to do so. There are lots of difficulties to travel around the world now, for as long as human civilization develops, free traveling has been a more and more distant dream, while hundreds years ago people can go anywhee in the world, without brothering about passports and visas.


Anyway, if you do live in a place for a certain amount of time, you need a house to shelter you and your family. There are incountable sorts of houses in the world, from gorgeous palaces worth billions of dollars to a cave dug in the hills worh zero. Which one you chosse to build, or buy or rent, depends on your state of financial resources.


Money is one of the biggest issues of one's life, although nowadays it is only printed paper and is devaluating as far as you can imagine. In all countries and in all circumstances you need to earn some of them to survive in that place. How your altitude towards money and properties is a personal flavor.


Apart from work, studies and family, one also needs some rest and entertainment, or join some of them, so that one needs to develop some talents and skills in singing, instrument playing and theatrical skills. These skills are also profitable in attracting your other sex and gives you some sort of taste.


We human being are a special species of animals, who have ideas. Everything comes out of ideas, without it no civilization, no science, no machines... Of course all of us have ideas, but only the very fortunate few can realize some of his/her ideas. I likewise have a bunch of them, but till now none are realized or achieved, or put it other way, all are failed.


Every one has met with chances of various sorts - a beauty, a precious stone, a good university, a high salary job, a good friend etc etc. I have lost all of them, due to various reasons. Therefore be careful not to miss them easily. In my experiences, chances are not easily to be regained, especially when one is relatively aged, let's say after 45 for men and 35 for women.



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