I hold a master of engineering degree in thermal science from one of the top Chinese University in Shanghai. My major studies were turbines (steam and aeroderivative), boilers, combustion engines, and advanced thermal physics.

I was once one of the hardest learning students of the university. I was possibly the first student entering the door of the University Library in the morning and the last who left the library in the evening.

I was in one of the four best classes of the University when accepted by the university – the four were the mathematics, physics, chemical and applied mechanics where I was.

But I didn’t stay there for long – only one semester, then the university asked me and several other classmates to transfer to the socalled “German Class” of two hundreds. The German Classes were formed to learn a year of German and then these students chosen from around all departments of the university will be sent to Germany to continue their studies in Germany, as part of the bilateral culture exchange. Of course, I didn’t know the background and paid little attention to the class. I also didn’t like foreign languages at all, as I considered them as the courses for women only, and men shall learn physics and other complicated science and technology. Women are more talkative than men, they deserve the language studies, but men not, especially I am very quiet. Therefore during the early years I didn’t learn hard enough so that I’ve missed a chance to go to Germany to continue my career.

However, my interest in foreign languages was aroused only two or three years after.

During my stay there I have studied not only the areas of my major, but all other sciences and technologies, arts, culture, religion, politics, economy, finance, in one word, every I can find on the library shelves. I was very thirsty of knowledge and studied deep into the night every day, so that my health was quite damaged.

During my studies, I have also developed my own thinking, my own way of working and living as well as my independence of anyone else. My working ability was also developed.

After the postgraduate studies I was also admitted to PhD research programs of several well-known universities in the US, UK, Germany, France and Canada (such as Université de Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris (University of Paris VII), Université de Provence, University of Glasgow, Université Laval , Universität Gesamthochschule Essen and lastly quasi admitted into MPA program at Harvard etc). but these plans were given up due to an engagement with my then girlfriend.

And during the 2008-2011 period I have again tried to reenter the universities for either a PhD study or direct researches on various topics at Nanyang University of Technology and Zhejiang University, however, these efforts yielded no results, and hence I have now completely shunned away from the academic communities except with my own studies of computational number theory.


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