I am not a businessman nor would I like to be one. But I can find no way or no one to support my researches over the past decade, therefore I have to feed me up myself. I’ve tried my business areas and strategies but most of them did not bring me the slightest success. The only things which did bring me some small revenues were first the translation tasks and the reporting and consulting about the Chinese solar and power industry around 2003-2007. Afterwards, over the 10 years periods of time, I have no income. That lack of money resources was also one of the reasons that my mother committed suicide herself, because she could see no hope whatsoever in the coming years. I was her only and greatest hope in the world, and when this hope vanished, she vanished as well.


My Current Business Activities

Over the last decade I've tried a dozen of business fields, see below for your information. Business to me is only money, is not my lifetime goal. It is only useful to make my most beloved happy, especially my mother and father. Therefore there is no need to settle it to a specific area. What matters only is the amount and time I am in need. Therefore I don't set any target of business model or plan.

However, something has to be considered before venturing into any business area, therefore I do need to be selective in doing business. Right now I am concentrating on prime properties consulting - castles, palaces and villas for those Chinese who are wealthy enough to purchase a top level house overseas. Refer to this site for more info.

My second business is to globalization (localization and internationalization) of IT technologies and applications, such as websites, software, databases, multimedia online and various other web applications such as social networking, instant messaging, online communications etc.

To see what I've done and what I am doing you may refer to this file: Business.htm or the complete currently valid directory listing (updated a couple of days ago as of the date when this essay was written) .

My Previous Business




Graph Theory & Operations Research

Hangzhou business opportunities

Health consulting






Thermal technologies

Web and IT


Other businesses


Miscelleneous Info


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